Billing for Hubert HERRICK services of clairvoyance

* A question : 20 euros (€)

Contains a cards reading in 3 games for the general trend out of any question, then the study of the question itself in 3 new readings.


* 3 issues : 40 €

Contains a cards reading of cards in 3 games for the general trend out of any questions, then the study of the successive 3 questions, each in 3 consecutive readings.


* Pack “special job seeker” : 25 €

Trend general + work + after alternative. “Am I unemployed ?” ===> if “sadly, yes : accounts for a half-question only, not thoroughly studied in this case. For 15 euros more, study in depth of the other possibilities of retraining (training, creation of activity, etc…) to escape the unemployment.


* Complete study of the subjects making the tour of your concerns of the moment
(5 to 6 issues) : 70 €

Consultation of about an hour, each question will be treated.
Prepare your questions before you choose this consultation. Try to make a list of your actual priorities if possible. Consider the “B plan” for specific aspects of your situation creating difficulty. A good medium will never choose in the place of the person who consults. It is only about illuminating the path. The consultant is (and still is) the captain of his boat…
To be fully satisfied by a complete study, I recommend that the person with whom I will consult to take all the time needed before placing an order for a full consultation, to begin to ask on the mind the right questions, outline possible choices, to deeply reflect on the Self, to put everything on paper to identify clear ways. The work of the medium is greatly increased by the mental clarity of any consultant, the desire for knowledge, prior considerations on the subject of all questions in mind. It will come out of this preliminary effort a consultation much more rich which will give you full satisfaction. The answers will be clear and “squelch” with much more ease. The earned time during the consultation (one hour in general) will help refine the answers and the details. It would also facilitate the occurrence of flash(es) regardless of the cards that will appear, and often of direct messages received during the consultation.


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