How I proceed for my consultations (seer’s service)

* You ask me for an appointment (by mail) by contacting me by e-mail and I’ll tell you my availability.

* You choose one of 4 offers.

* You provide a recent photo of you [ you are alone(e) ] to the digital format, as an attachment in your message. This should not be a group photo, not to mix the auras. A photo of good quality (well done). Also, avoid the “against the light” (sun or bright light in your back), otherwise it is the aura of the sun or the light source that I see, and not yours… ! Important detail : the photo must relate to the person who is subject to the question. If a lady sends me her picture (with Her) and asks me if her husband will (re)find a job, it’s not going to work. If a person cares for another, this is the person who is the subject of concern for the one I do have the photo…

* Before the day of the appointment, I will do a pre-study which will allow me to know the general trend, the context surrounding the questions (a pre-study for the set of seer’s readings).

* On the agreed date, you set the bid that you have chosen (except offers “special pack“), I make the study and I do the random draw for the selected questions. The issue investigated is confirmed with my 3 games, to refine and deepen the details. The different readings (various cards) will complement each other well and throw light on the different aspects of the same issue.

– NOT for medical issues.
– NO questions on the cash games.
– NO direct question on a risk of death, “this person is going to die ?”
Why ? Because thoughts and emotions are a part (not negligible) of the reality and could block for the person concerned many chances of the occurrence of an outcome much more favorable. In fact, the Invisible can still intervene to improve the fate of a person, a situation, if the context becomes favorable. (Not if the surroundings is in despair… !)
– NO occult works. No.

Voyance avec le Tarot Mythique

Voyance avec le Tarot Mythique

Voyance avec l'oracle Belline

Voyance avec l’oracle Belline

Voyance avec le Grand Etteilla

Voyance avec le Grand Etteilla

A (true) seer has the ability to perceive certain information that is not visible in the physical world from space and from the time when everyone is ordinarily present. The seer may have clairvoyance (vision) on a person or situation, or clairaudience on a message or proper name. Spontaneous flashes also occur outside of card manipulation and interpretation

The clairvoyants have sometimes low medium capacities but a good knowledge of the tradition. Their abilities are not real voyances but rather theoretical studies.

The true clairvoyance makes use of extra-sensory capabilities (ESP), in the Invisible, with perceptions and flashes. The cards are only an accessory support. Each card is like a signpost that points to a direction that the medium will explore and this probes the medium’s faculties. The cards can therefore be confirmed or refuted, but also complemented and placed in perspective in relation to each other. It shows a view of the broader package, more that the meaning of theoretical of each card taken in isolation.

The word oracle has 2 meanings. It was once a person gifted with paranormal abilities, guessing a part of the future, and is now commonly a card game derived from the ancient tradition (not the modern games, even if some can be sympathetic).

A prediction is an announcement that tends to seal the upcoming events within a certain inevitability. A seer who is honest will not make predictions farms, because the future is always in motion and based only on probabilities, and not etched in stone. There is no fatality. Even an event such as a physical death does not have the finality that we believe : life continues after death, the being who has left his body behind him continues to exist in another condition of life. In the case of the announcement of a potential danger, for example, the goal is to protect yourself to avoid it, not to wait for it to happen.

A true (and fully) seer therefore proceeds by prints of cards and readings, mediumistic information extracted from the Invisible by a variety of means. The purpose of a consultation of clairvoyance is to get feelings, intuitions, flashes, instant informations, any direct messages, visions, clairaudiences.
Three ingredients, of equal importance, must be present to obtain a good clairvoyance :
1) a consultant, relaxed, in the quiet as much as possible, with a real desire to know, with the ideas very clear.
2) A seer, in good condition. In case of impediment (external elements) it is good to delay a consultation to obtain the most favorable terms.
3) The participation of the Invisible. There are also external conditions that are beneficial (independent of the medium and of the person who consults) must be met in order to achieve a good consultation medium.

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