Mediumship and Clairvoyance, an exciting activity

Since my young age I’ve preserved a natural link with what is called “the Invisible”, which is in fact only one level of existence immediately neighbor to the common one, but more subtle, andaccessible to people who can or know how to adjust to its “frequency”. Mediumship is a natural and latent faculty, which develops if one accepts it, if one fails to control it without the stand, and if it is perfected in the working…Any beginner in this exciting field will use at the start of methods, sometimes very old, which to some extent have been proven, but who also have their limits. Traditions are sometimes good, but not always.There are also in this area of “the Occult” (like many others) the wrong folklore, mistaken beliefs, principles, far too limiting. In my opinion, precisely, the Occult should absolutely not be occult. I am convinced that in a very short time, a large “household” will be made that will demystify everything that needs to be, remove the old clichés, superstitions, ways a little ridiculous. The science will confirm some of the points in the validating, supplementing (science that is not, for the moment, without reproaches). In our time science has not completely reconciled with the Invisible and the spiritual world, even if great progress has been made since the 80’s.
Science will be complete only when The Invisible is accepted in general, and officially. It is essential to take care of all the Invisible and the Real, which also governs matter and energy.
The Occult can be studied and taught properly, only when the superstition, rituals, obsolete, old principles, dusty, will be cut off for the minds in a renewed way, much more natural, intuitive and flexible…

From my youngest age I have had experiences before even having any belief or explanation or packaging whatsoever. And these experiences have durably and permanently marked my mind. And then I was facing like everyone else all the “beliefs” commonly accepted, explanations and customs, through the school, the education, the ideas of every individual, mass culture, and the medias…
During my early childhood, I was very greatly surprised that nobody talks about The Invisible extensively in the medias, and newspapers… of the Extraordinary Beauty of the Invisible Worlds, the deep peace that reigned there, the Great Perfection, the goodness everywhere. Or the plurality of lives, the survival of the soul, of the subtle beings, all these things that are part of the Other Side of Life.
Life with a big “L”…

Very quickly, the usual and ordinary course of the average life has caught up me and moved me for a time to this Other Side of Life, all absorbed as I was by the exploration of the different ages of childhood, my schooling, my family life, etc… But at the end of my adolescence, and still more in the age to get my Bachelor of Philosophy, the Great Questions of Existence are returned – as well as “the How and the Why” of all the Wonders of the Invisible Worlds, these were the burning questions left for a time “in stand by”…

It is in the 90’s I mixed together the study of the physical world, of advanced science, the paranormal, some of the mysteries of walking in the world, and the practice of “occult arts”, we should rename according to me “Master of extra-sensory Perceptions” (P. E. S.), which do not involve the 5 physical senses (though of course it also relies on them)… Mastery of P. E. S. uses of other senses, subtle, and vibrations. A author is speaking about the “internal oscillatory touch“, and I can attest that this is exactly what it is. Clairvoyance can be explained by a faculty of tuning a reality as vibratory, oscillatory, which is not limited to a space or at a single given time only. This perception frees itself of the limitations and constraints of the tangible world, to go beyond it. While remaining connected to it. The term “medium” also means “in the middle”, “middle”, “between the two”. The medium makes the connection, goes easily from one part of the world to the other, with flexibility. He passes the border without difficulties. He remains in the continuity of consciousness between these two worlds (which are one).

In the past, the human being lived in full contact in the middle of wild Nature. Many animals have a mediumistic sense,  highly developed – and scientists are just beginning to conduct studies on the subject. Animals do not have developed “methods” for these mediumnistic abilities.
They ARE mediums. As well, for my part, having studied the methods of “one and the other”, I rediscovered that the best method was to free itself gradually from the “what was done before”, until finally tending to avoid them completely. I am at a intermediate stage on this point.



When I do work, I like to draw on a photo (recent, if possible) of a person, pictured in isolation of any other person    (not to mix their auras). Or hearing the voice of the person allows me to have the connection to vibrations. I need to hear a few moments the person but this can be on “rain or shine”, without any link with present concerns. I’m doing a fast pre-study without preliminary question, which gives me the general state of the current situation, without prejudice to nothing, without interrogating the person, without being conditioned by anything. So then, I treat the question. It often happens that what I have discovered in the pre-study reveals a more or less significant concern to the person at that particular time. Or to have the context in which the questions take place.

In some way, the thoughts and emotions that People carry inside Them are like seeds, seeds that will germinate in a more or less near future. The seeds sown in the earth can not be seen with the naked eye. But they are already starting to prepare their “fruits”. The “vibrations” are already at work. And specifically, as I explained earlier, the work of the medium is to adjust its frequency in this reality is vibrational, oscillatory, for the decipher

There would be many more things to say, quite exciting, but they would do of this page a complete guide, and this web site a book (which is not the aim). Soon, I will be able to tell you precisely here – the tittle of a book which will be of great help to enable you to understand many things about the true nature of beings, and the functioning of the deeper reality… It is by its reading that I was fully ushered in an operational manner in the Control of extra-sensory Perceptions.

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